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Summary Of Skills

  • BI and Data Architect with 10+ years in Business Intelligence, data architecture & software development.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the work ethic and social skills to Get The Job Done.

Technology Skills

  • BI: QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau.
  • Databases: DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server.
  • Scripting: Python and SQLAlchemy.

Industry and domain experience

  • Financial: General Ledger, Bookings, Sales, Revenue, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Loans and Debt
  • Supply Chain: Procurement, Warehousing, On Time Delivery, Master Data Management, CRM
  • Manufacturing: Semiconductor fabrication including process control and recipe management
  • Others: Executive Leadership views, HR, headcount, salaries and other confidential information

Experienced in all areas of the data and BI software development life cycle

  • Business and Requirements Analysis including prototyping and mockups.
  • Rapid development of dashboards, including refinement through customer sessions.  Imaginative use of charts and advanced features to convey accurate information and enable good decisions.
  • Technical and end user documentation, in Word, PDF and wiki formats.
  • Built a portable database catalog and dictionary for database schema analysis, modeling and data quality.
  • Extensive experience with the ETL lifecycle with data sources ranging from flat files, REST APIs, source databases (DB2, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server) with hundreds of millions of records processed daily.
  • Design and architecture of multi-tier QlikView applications, including tiered, incremental and time slice loading.
  • Engineered dashboard updates starting with daily updates increasing in frequency to every 5 minutes. 
  • Testing, troubleshooting and performance tuning in development, staging and Production environments.
  • Version control of dashboards and scripts using Git for traceability and governance.

QlikView BI and Qlik Sense Application Development

  • Pioneered the use of QlikView BI business intelligence product in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Developed QlikView dashboards for many industries, with hundreds of users in multiple departments.
  • Data sources included hundreds of millions of records stored in multiple databases and data warehouses.
  • Experienced with Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense Cloud and migration of QlikView documents to Qlik Sense.
  • Report writing using Qlik NPrinting for Excel, PowerPoint and embedded email.
  • Geo Analytics map dashboard development, including contributions to underlying OpenStreetMap data.
  • Re-use of existing SQL queries and views when required.  Reverse-engineering of existing SQL queries and views to implement them in a QlikView-centric architecture.
  • Creation and management of QlikView QVD data files in multiple tiers for use and reuse.
  • Development of QlikView star schema data model, with facts surrounded by dimensions.
  • Training and mentoring for QlikView end users, developers and BI staff.

QlikView and Qlik Sense System Administration Support

  • Installation, upgrade and support of Qlik Server cluster, GeoAnalytics and NPrinting.

Most relevant work experience

Haas / Wesco / Incora, Austin, Texas

QlikView Architect and Consultant, 2013 – 2022

  • Comprehensive consulting services to BI team using Qlik products to support supply chain operations
  • Built or provided support to numerous dashboards including:
    • Quotes, Bookings and Sales vs Budget and COGS for hardware and chemicals, including unbilled revenue estimates for accurate revenue projections.
    • Oracle CRM.
    • On Time Delivery of product to customers.
    • Corporate General Ledger from SAP and JD Edwards ERP systems.
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable including overdue accounts from SAP and JD Edwards.
    • SAP FICO module data.
    • Human Resources including confidential salaries joining disparate HR systems.
    • Executive Leadership Team summary views.
    • Database explorer and data dictionary builder for JD Edwards ERP and other databases.
    • Migrated 24 key reports from legacy Cognos system to QlikView for $440K annual savings.
    • Provided support to Excess & Obsolete Parts dashboard to manage $200M reduction strategy.
    • Provided support to development of automated sales margin analysis tools.
  • Notable technologies and methodologies used:
    • QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting, Qlik GeoAnalytics, Qlik Cloud.
    • Daily incremental loading from DB2, Oracle, PostGres and SQL Server into QVD files using ODBC and OLE DB to support three-tier architecture.
    • Web service calls to obtain data from cloud locations.
    • Created REST API to enable client’s customer to obtain customer’s data from client’s Qlik Sense server.
    • Active Directory user and group list using scripting .
    • Encrypted data transfers and Access Control for sensitive information.
    • Dynamic user-customizable table report with over 70 dimensions and 40 metrics available.
    • Maps of customer, supplier and warehouse locations and sales using GeoAnalytics.
    • Cleanup of address book and master data to work correctly with map technology.
    • International currency conversions using exchange rate feeds.
    • Simple and complex time window comparisons.
    • Load script include file for commonly used tasks.
    • Python helper scripts.
  • Qlik system administration support including:
    • Installation, upgrade and support of Qlik Server cluster, GeoAnalytics and NPrinting.
    • Wrote utilities and monitoring dashboards to monitor users, licenses, ETL success, dashboard usage and server resource usage to support 99.9% uptime.
    • Created a remote database loader to improve WAN transfers of large datasets between datacenters.
    • Version control of QlikView dashboards, scripts and config files using Python and Git.
  • QlikView end-user and developer training and mentoring in the US and UK.
    • On-site hands-on training for 40 developers in 5 locations.
    • Helped develop best practices and templates for new dashboards.
    • Mentored and guided junior BI staff, serving as expert resource.
    • Developed excellent working relationships across the customers’ organizations.


  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 1994.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Karnataka Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology, Karnataka), Surathkal, India, 1991.


Co-inventor of US Patents 7292906, 7477960 and 7877161

Work Samples

  • Portfolio samples below.

Revenue Projections vs Budget

Key Performance Indicators with sparkline chart

Build your own data table by selecting dimensions and metrics

Sales or other data on a map

Choose a hiking trail based on its length, elevation gain and scenic rating